Advancing Sustained/Extended Release for HIV Prevention (A-SER)

End Date: 
Dec 04 2019
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The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to stimulate the development of new and innovative sustained/extended release (SER) drug delivery systems (DDS) that can achieve extended durations (months to years) and provide systemic protection from all routes of HIV infection/transmission in at-risk individuals. This FOA focuses on the following scientific priority DDS: low-volume depots compatible with self-injection technologies, erosible/biodegradable implants including in situ forming implants, intrauterine delivery systems and transdermal delivery systems. Applications will require an industry partner.  Applications incorporating drugs that are already under development or approved for HIV prevention and/or treatment by their intellectual property/patent/license holder must involve these persons/entities in a meaningful and significant manner in the application through letters of support and/or other evidence of a substantial commitment. ( RFA-AI-19-063)