Andrew Owen, PhD, FSB

Andrew Owen is a Professor in the Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Long-acting Therapeutics (CELT; at the University of Liverpool. He is also a fellow of the British Society for Nanomedicine, Royal Society of Biology, British Pharmacological Society, and the Learned Society of Wales. His research focuses on the mechanisms that underpin interpatient variability in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for drugs used in infectious diseases. In recent years, a major emphasis has been to employ knowledge of these mechanisms to accelerate translation of long-acting medicines to clinical applications. Prof. Owen has published over 300 peer reviewed manuscripts and is co-inventor of patents relating to drug delivery. He is principal investigator for the Unitaid funded LONGEVITY project and leads the modelling and simulation core for LEAP. Professor Owen serves as a technical advisor to WHO for several treatment guidelines including COVID-19 and influenza.

Conflict of Interest: Dr. Owen has reported having potential financial conflicts of interest within the past 12 months, or anticipated within the coming 12 months, with the following entities: Tandem Nano Ltd., Gilead, Assembly Biosciences.