Charles W. Flexner, MD

Charles W. Flexner, MD is the Principal Investigator of the Long Acting/Extended Release Antiretroviral Resource Program (LEAP). He is Professor of Medicine in the Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology and Infectious Diseases, and Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  He is also Professor of International Health in the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Dr. Flexner is an expert on the basic and clinical pharmacology of drugs for HIV/AIDS and related infections, including viral hepatitis and tuberculosis. His scientific contributions include work on the important roles of pharmacokinetic enhancement, adherence, and dosing frequency in the long-term management of HIV/AIDS.  He has published extensively on anti-infective drug transport and metabolism, and metabolic drug interactions.  His current research includes the discovery and development of new molecules and formulations for long-acting parenteral administration for treatment and prevention of HIV infection.  Dr. Flexner is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at Johns Hopkins.  He is the Co-Principal Investigator of the Johns Hopkins University Baltimore-Washington-India Clinical Trials Unit (BWI CTU) supported by the NIH, and is Chair of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) Antiretroviral Strategies Transformative Science Group (ARTS TSG). He is a member of the editorial board of 11 scientific journals. Dr. Flexner served as a consultant on FDA reform to the United States House of Representatives, and currently serves as a consultant to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Conflict of Interest: Dr. Flexner reports receiving consulting income from Gilead Sciences, Merck, ViiV Healthcare, Janssen, and Theratechnologies. He also serves on a scientific advisory board for Navigen Corporation, and serves on a data safety and monitoring board for Advarra. He is a co-inventor on six issued patents related to long-acting drug delivery technology for HIV treatment and prevention.